December 3, 2020

5 Reasons to Learn Data Science with DataCamp

learn data science with datacamp

Picking up a new skill is intimidating and learning data science is no exception. However, platforms like DataCamp reduces this barrier of entry to help people get into the world of data science. Here, I list down 5 reasons why you should start learning data science with Datacamp.

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1. No Set-up required

The most time-consuming task before learning any programming language is the setting up of your environment. You will need to setup the environment for your computer to understand the language and decipher the code you write. Setting up the right environment for the first time can takes hours, especially when you are new to programming. Apart from downloading the languages itself (Python or R), you often have to fiddle with Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and packages before you are ready to write codes.

Learning data science with DataCamp greatly reduces this entry barrier for beginners as they provide an in-platform coding environment. This environment takes setting up your local machine out of the picture and you can start learning almost immediately. Using DataCamp for your learning ensures that you will be writing your first line of code within minutes of enrolling.

Basically, DataCamp reduces one huge hassle for you.

2. Comprehensive Learning Paths (Career Tracks)

The hardest part of self-learning a skill is to know what to learn. Data Science is a broad discipline with many peripherals, and together with the vast amount of resources available, it is no wonder that learners often don’t know where to start.

For that, DataCamp came up with a solution. Within the DataCamp platform are 14 hand-picked Career tracks, each covering the essential skills needed to succeed in the field. All learners have to do is to choose a career path that you want to pursue and start your learning journey. You can expect to embark on a journey that sufficiently prepares you for a career of your choice, using video lectures, programming exercises, and projects along the way.

These career tracks are well-designed and we can vouch for it as contents covered closely follow the ‘5 Most Important Skills of a Data Scientist‘ for the Data Scientist track.

3. Personalized Learning

Having doubt with the career track you chose? No worries, you can customize your learning to the way you like using the 300+ courses available in DataCamp.

Free feel to personalize your learning to your heart desire with the vast selection of courses at your disposal. With 275 instructors and 328 courses, there is no lack of variety while choosing your data science specialization using DataCamp. This also means that there will be a course for you no matter what topics you are interested in. Want up your visualization skill? Take a Tableau course. Want to work on texts? Try the ‘Spoken Language Processing in Python’ course. There is something for everyone.

4. Projects

Learning data science with DataCamp just keep getting better. After equipping you will all the theories and skills needed for the career, DataCamp provides projects to sharpen your competency. These hands-on practical experiences help you to build up your data science portfolio which could be useful during job hunting. As employers value experience more than any number of courses you take, this additional feature is important and could be the difference between getting employed or not.

Similar to learning on DataCamp, working on projects also does not require any setting up of environment. Jupyter notebooks are run within their platform and you only need an internet connection to access them.

As of current, there are more than 30 projects in python with more to come.

5. Competitive Pricing

Last, and the most important factor for most of you, DataCamp is very competitive in pricing. For as little as 33.25USD a month, you will gain access to all career tracks and projects available on the platform.

Here is how DataCamp fares with their competitors;

Platforms Price
DataQuest $33.25/month
* prices greatly differ based on courses

DataCamp is definitely a good starting point to get into data science. If you do not want to go thru the trouble of finding out where to start, how to start and what to learn, consider subscribing for DataCamp.

Still don’t think DataCamp is the right choice for you? Fret not, we got you covered. Take a look at what other options you have if you are looking for a specialized learning path.